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2019 Holiday Schedule:

  • New Year’s Day – January 1, 2019
  • Good Friday – April 19, 2019
  • Memorial Day – May 27, 2019
  • Independence Day – July 4, 2019
  • Labor Day – September 2, 2019
  • Thanksgiving – November 28 & 29, 2019
  • Christmas – December 24 & 25, 2019


  • During an inclement weather event, please check our facebook page for immediate information.  As a back-up, tune into WRAL (NBC) or WTVD (ABC).  You can also check online at or  We do not close with the public schools.


Animal Program:  Tropical Treasures – Where are the tropics?  We will discover where the tropics are and meet some of the exotic animals that live there.

Wednesday: Music and Movement Class – Young children love shakers – they’re easy to play and make a loud and festive sound.  There are many kinds of shakers (maracas) and different ways to play them.  This month, we’ll learn how!

WednesdayComputer Class –  Welcome to Fabulous February!  We have lots of fun, educational software with BIG adventures.  We are on an adventure to remember with our friend Ollo.  Our friend, Rose the gardener grew a giant tomato that is rolling out of control and threatening the Sunny Valley Fair.  Can we help Ollo and save the fair?

Skills reinforced:

  • Directional exploration
  • Problem solving
  • Cause and effect
  • Following directions

We have been invited to Little Bear’s house for a “just because” party.  We must find and invite all our friends as well as make soup and pie for the party.  Can we gather the vegetables and find the fruit as well as prepare the food before our guests arrive?

Skills reinforced:

  • Pre-math
  • Creativity
  • Memory skills
  • Following directions

Computer literacy words:

  • Space bar
  • Enter
  • Home screen

 Book of the Month:  This month our preschoolers will read, A Splendid Friend, Indeed by Suzanne Bloom.  Can Goose and Bear ever be friends?  All Goose wants to do is talk, talk, talk.  Bear just wants to think about things, read and write.  Can they be friends?

  The following books were chosen for our BALL Investigative Study.  Each book has a series of discussion cards.

  • A Ball for Daisy
  • Ball
  • My Soccer Ball
  • Balls
  • A Birthday Basket for Tia
  • The Doorbell Rang
  • Just Like Josh Gibson
  • The Three Little Pigs
  • The Three Billy Goats Gruff
  • The Little Red Hen

Thursday: Spanish Class – Como estas?  Bien, gracious!  Te quiero (I love you).  Talking about our feelings in February is fun!  We will be learning new songs and reviewing winter words we learned last month.  Our children “amor” Spanish.

See you later, my friends! = Hasta pronto, mis amigos!


   Math Lesson Activities During Our Investigative Study:

  • Dinnertime – using number concepts and positional words such as beside, above and on top of while setting the table
  • Number Cards – children will use number cards with a numeral printed on one side and corresponding dots on the other
  • Ice Cubes – observing and measuring melting ice
  • Number Cards – children will learn about numbers and one to one correspondence
  • Graphing – the children will group items together using objects, names, pictures, tally marks, or colored bars to form simple graphs
  • Bigger Than, Smaller Than, Equal To – children will compare and measure objects using standard and nonstandard measuring tools
  • Measure and Compare – using nonstandard measuring tools like plastic links, blocks, or yarn to measure objects
  • Nursery Rhyme Count – children will count the number of lambs in the nursery rhyme Mary had a Little Lamb
  • Patterns- children will demonstrate knowledge of simple patterns such as stripes in a shirt, wall tiles, and checkerboards and will create patterns using colored teddy bear counters
  • Tallying – counting the number of balls they see in their room and in the school
  • Counting and Comparing – children will count and sort the different types of balls in the classroom
  • Sorting and Classifying – How are these balls alike?  How are these balls different?  Which balls are the smallest? Which group has more?
  • Seek and Find – Children use classification skills as they play a ball game:  “I am looking for a ball that is not used for a sport”.  “I am looking for a ball that helps people in their everyday lives”.
  • Teaching Clock – moving the hands of the clock to the correct time and identifying the numbers.

Literacy Lesson Activities During Our Investigative Study:

  • Shared Writing – answering open ended questions about balls
  • Alphabet Cards – learning the characteristics of each letter and the various sounds the letter makes in words
  • Jumping Beans – demonstrating the knowledge of the alphabet using a game
  • Memory Games – turning over face down cards to make matches
  • Rhyming Chart – using a poem to find rhyming words
  • Letters, Letters, Letters – learning to recognize letters using rubber stamps and magnetic letters
  • Knowing Our Friends – children will learn alphabet letters and how to recognize their friends’ names
  • Asking Questions – learning how to ask questions to find out information
  • Daily Sign-In – children write their names when they arrive to school each morning
  • Observational Drawings and Journal Writing – demonstrates emergent writing skills
  • Book of the Month activities

Family Partnership Opportunities

  • How many types of balls can you find in your house?
  • I wonder what is inside of a tennis ball?  How can we find out?
  • Think of all the words that have the word ball in them.
  • Help your child use all of his or her senses when playing with balls.  “What does it look like?  Feel like? Sound like?
  • Spend time with your child playing with balls of all shapes, types and sizes.
  • End of study celebrations


  • Groundhog Day – Shadow Explorations with Preschoolers
  • Body Part Dance with Toddlers & Y2’s
  • Chinese New Year Celebration
  • Bubble Fun with Toddlers & Y2’s
  • Spanish with Ms. Mariela
  • Museum Visits – Tropical Treasures
  • Heart Hunt with Toddlers & Y2’s
  • Make Valentines with Preschoolers
  • Friendship Parties & Wear Red
  • Make Flags for Presidents Day – Preschoolers
  • Heart Hop with Toddlers & Y2’s
  • TBA:  Dental Health Awareness – Dentist Visits


  • Stop and Go
  • Obstacle Course
  • Kick Hard
  • Swing and Jump


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