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2019 Holiday Schedule:

  • New Year’s Day – January 1, 2019
  • Good Friday – April 19, 2019
  • Memorial Day – May 27, 2019
  • Independence Day – July 4, 2019
  • Labor Day – September 2, 2019
  • Thanksgiving – November 28 & 29, 2019
  • Christmas – December 24 & 25, 2019


Animal Program:  Leaping Lizards! – This month we will meet an amazing group of reptiles – lizards!  We will learn about their characteristics and where they live as we see them close up and find out what they feel like.

WednesdayMusic and Movement Class – During April our preschoolers will use their gross motor skills as they pretend they are growing seeds to classical music.  We’ll also learn rain songs, complete with pretend puddle jumping, and some new spring songs as well.

WednesdayComputer Class –  Welcome to the wonderful month of April.  Spring is in the air and we have lots of wonderful activities to keep those young minds blossoming.  We will join Bear in the Big Blue house, and explore the five senses.  We are on a quest to make a tripleberry pie.  Finding the blue, green, and red berries is the easy part; now we must find everything needed to make a tripleberry pie.

Skills reinforced:

  • Five senses
  • Following directions
  • Sequential order
  • Memory skills

We are on a rescue mission with Dora and Diego.  Animal rescuer Diego and friends travel to the rainforest to save a lost wolf pup.  Can we avoid the whirlpools in the river, as well as eluding the pesky Bobo Brothers?  This one is a cliffhanger.

Skills reinforced:

  • Wild animal facts
  • Environmental exploration
  • Listening skills
  • Problem solving

Computer literacy words:

  • Buffer
  • Website
  • Forward arrow
  • Storage space

 Book of the Month:  This month our preschoolers will read, The Earth Book by Todd Parr.  “I take care of the earth because I know I can do little things every day to make a BIG difference.  I use both sides of the paper and bring my own bags to market because…I love the trees and I want the owls to have a place to live”.  Check it out!

 The following books were chosen for our Exercise Investigative Study.  Each book has a series of discussion cards.

  • Wallie Exercises
  • Joey the Kangaroo
  • An Adventure in Exercise
  • E is for Exercise
  • Barn Dance
  • Jonathan and his Mommy
  • The Busy Body Book:  A Kid’s Guide to Fitness
  • My Amazing Body:  A First Look at Health and Fitness
  • Color Dance
  • From Head to Toe

Thursday: Spanish Class – Bienvenidos a las clase de espanol!  This month the children will be learning opposites in Spanish through musical exercises.  They will also learn the names of different fruits and will sing el cancion del mes (the song of the month) which is about the fruits they just learned.


   Math Lesson Activities During Our Investigative Study:

  • Straw Shapes – explore and describe spatial relationships and shapes using drinking straws and pipe cleaners.
  • Number Cards – identifying number concepts using cards with printed number words, numbers, and corresponding dots.  Children will learn about numbers and one to one correspondence
  • Bounce & Count – predicting how many times a ball will bounce when it is dropped.
  • Where’s the Beanbag? – Describing spatial relationships by tossing a beanbag into a basket and describing where it landed:  inside the basket, next to the basket, or behind the basket.
  • Measure and Compare – using standard and nonstandard tools to determine an objects length and height.
  • Huff and Puff – Using standard and nonstandard measuring tools to determine how far a ping pong ball will roll when someone blows on it.
  • My Shadow and I – creating shadows outside or with a flashlight and using directional words such as right/left, top/bottom, up/down, as children move their bodies.
  • Action Patterns – demonstrate knowledge of patterns as children repeat body movements such as:  clap, stomp, clap, and stomp.
  • Putting Puzzles Together – describing spatial relationships and shapes as children put together puzzles and explain how each piece fits in a specific space.
  • Patterns Under Cover – demonstrating knowledge of patterns by creating patterns using colored teddy bear counters and remembering the pattern when it is covered up.
  • Dinnertime – using positional words, such as beside, above, and on top of as children set a table.
  • Teaching Clock – moving the hands of the clock to the correct time and identifying the numbers.

Literacy Lesson Activities During Our Investigative Study:

  • Shared Writing – answering open ended questions about exercise.
  • My Daily Journal – demonstrating emergent writing skills as children write or draw in their journals.
  • Bookmaking – children make a class book about exercise using observational drawings, pictures, art work, and dictated stories.
  • Jumping Beans – demonstrating knowledge of the alphabet using 26 bean shaped alphabet cards.
  • Tap It, Clap It, Stomp It, Jump It- demonstrate phonological awareness as children clap the number of syllables in a word.
  • Dance & Remember – using songs in a musical game to listen, understand, and remember increasingly complex language and movements.
  • Walk a Letter – demonstrating knowledge of the alphabet by making letters for the children to walk on.
  • Yogurt Fruit Dip – following a recipe card.
  • Same Sound Sort – playing an alliteration game by sorting objects that begin with the same sound
  • Asking Questions – learning how to ask questions to find out information
  • Daily Sign-In – children write their names when they arrive to school each morning
  • Observational Drawings and Journal Writing – demonstrates emergent writing skills
  • Book of the Month activities

Family Partnership Opportunities

  • Take a walk with your child around your neighborhood or yard and talk about the benefits of walking.
  • Before going to bed at night, try different types of stretches to help relax your body.
  • Review the different body parts with your child at home.
  • Go outside!
  • Invite parents who have jobs related to exercise.
  • Let your child help you prepare a healthy meal or snack and talk about the importance of eating healthy.
  • End of study celebrations!


  • Jelly Bean Guessing Game with Preschoolers
  • Museum Visits – Leaping Lizards
  • Story Time by The Women’s Club
  • National Pet Day – Preschoolers bring in pictures of their pets
  • Spanish with Ms. Mariela
  • Egg Roll with Toddlers and Y2’s
  • Egg Hunt and Spring Parties – Centerwide
  • CLOSED for Good Friday
  • Earth Day Celebration Scavenger Hunt with Preschoolers
  • Bunny Hop with Toddlers & Y2’s
  • Penguin Relay Races with Preschoolers
  • Picture Day:  Graduation Cap & Gown and Class Pictures
  • Free Speech and Language Screenings Throughout the Month


  • Throw Hard, Throw Far
  • Hopscotch
  • Hula Hoop
  • Parachute Games


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