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2020 Holiday Schedule:

  • New Year’s Day – January 1, 2020
  • Good Friday – April 10, 2020
  • Memorial Day – May 25, 2020
  • Independence Day – July 3, 2020
  • Labor Day – September 7, 2020
  • Thanksgiving – November 26 & 27, 2020
  • Christmas – December 24 & 25, 2020


We know that there is a lot of media coverage concerning the corona virus, and these are confusing and concerning times.  We want you all to know that we are continuing to stay open and provide the same wonderful, caring services for your children.

  • We always practice precautions for the prevention of spreading germs, but we are being hyper-vigilant cleaning every surface all day long, removing and sanitizing mouthed toys, teaching/encouraging children to sneeze and cough into their elbows and providing hand sanitizer for your use upon arrival. Our children and staff thoroughly wash their hands upon entering the classroom and throughout the day and we encourage you to do the same.
  • We are kindly asking our families to let us know in advance if you or your child has an active cough or respiratory illness. We are being diligent in providing a healthy environment for everyone.
  • Your child must be fever free to attend, no matter what the cause.
  • We will follow all guidelines and recommendations from the Division of Child Development and Early Education (our licensing agency), our local Health Department and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Let’s work together to keep our children healthy!


Animal Program: No program in June.

WednesdayMusic and Movement Class – This month our children will learn to identify classical music and learn that music is relaxing.  We’ll listen and then move to the rhythm. And, yes, we’ll learn some new summer songs and the accompanying sign language.

WednesdayComputer Class –   No classes in June.

 Book of the Month:  This month our preschoolers will read the Ezra Jack Keats Honor Book, Sophie’s Squash by Pat Zietlow Miller and Anne Wilsdorf.  Sophie visits the farmers’ market with her family and picks out a squash.  But, instead of letting her mother cook it, she names it Bernice and takes it everywhere.  Her parents tell her that Bernice will begin to rot.  What will Sophie do when the squash she loves begins to change?  Check it out!

Thursday:  Spanish Class –  During the next 3 months we will be doing different Spanish activities.  The summer is near, so we will enjoy interactive games such as: number bingo, alphabet, colors, shapes, Spanish Simon Says, and Spanish aerobics.  We will continue working on the days of the week and will also talk about summer clothing:

  • hat – sombrero
  • shirt – camisa
  • shorts – pantalon corto
  • sunglasses – lentes

See you later, my friends! = Hasta pronto, mis amigos!

Thursday:  Soccer Shots – No classes in June.


Now that more friends are returning to preschool, we will begin our investigative study on dogs.

Dogs are a favorite subject of children of all ages!  And, our children know a lot about dogs.  Dogs have a lot of hair, dogs know how to swim, and dogs have really wet noses and very small eyes.  Sometimes dogs get treats for being good.  Some dogs can do tricks and know how to sit.

As we learn about dogs, we’re going to find out how dogs communicate, what they like to eat and how they eat it.  We’ll meet people who work with dogs and learn about the different jobs that dogs can have.  We’ll investigate the different kinds of dog homes, the different breeds of dogs, and learn about dogs in need and how we can help.

We’ll find the answers to questions like, “Why do dogs scratch?   Why do dogs do heavy breathing?  Do dogs cry when they get a shot?  What is a dog park for?  How do dogs take a bath?”

As we investigate and study dogs, we also are going to be learning many important concepts and skills in literacy, math, science, social studies, and the arts.  We will also use thinking skills to ask questions, solve problems, make predictions, and test our ideas.  We have chosen the following books for our investigative study:  The Pigeon Wants a Puppy, The Heart of the House, This Book Just Ate My Dog, Bark George, Harry the Dirty Dog, A Home for Dixie, May I Pet Your Dog, Tuesday Tucks Me In, Don’t Lick the Dog, Ben:  The Very Best Furry Friend, Gaston, and Hickory Dickory Dog.

   Math Lesson Activities During Our Investigative Study:

  • Patterns – demonstrates knowledge of patterns in everyday life.  Create patterns
  • Play Dough – making play dough following a recipe chart.  Compare/measure
  • Geoboards – creating & describing spatial relationships & shapes
  • Ice Cubes – observing & measuring melting ice
  • Story Problems – children solve story problems using manipulatives
  • Putting Puzzles Together – explore & describe spatial relationships and shapes
  • Huff and Puff – compare & measure how far a small Ping-Pong ball will roll when someone blows on it.  Introduce words such as force, energy and effect
  • Buried Shapes – explore & describe attribute blocks buried in sand table
  • Lining It Up – compare & measure a collection of boxes arranged by size
  • Which Container Holds More? – compare & measure containers of sand.  Which container will hold the most?  How can we find out which container will hold more?
  • Action Patterns – game that repeats body movements to create patterns; clap, stomp, clap, stomp …
  • Secret Numbers – number matching game
  • Teaching Clock – moving the hands of the clock to the correct time and identifying the numbers.

Literacy Lesson Activities During Our Investigative Study:

  • Rhyming Chart – phonological awareness using “The Itsy Bitsy Spider”
  • Same Sound Sort – phonological awareness using an alliteration sorting game
  • Did You Ever See…? – making rhyming words using familiar pictures
  • Textured Letters- explore various textured letters using words like bumpy, scratchy, soft
  • Tongue Twisters – phonological awareness of phrases that are challenging to say because the words all sound similar
  • Bookmaking – knowledge of print and it’s uses; making individual books
  • Photo Writing – children will draw pictures and write words about the photos that they observe
  • Asking Questions – learning how to ask questions to find out information
  • Daily Sign-In – children write their names when they arrive to school each morning
  • Observational Drawings and Journal Writing – demonstrates emergent writing skills
  • Book of the Month activities


  • Pajama Day –  Center Wide
  • Frog Jumps – Toddlers & Y2’s
  • Bug Wash – Toddlers & Y2’s
  • Design Your Own Flag for National Flag Day – Preschoolers
  • Tunnel Play – Toddlers & Y2’s
  • International Picnic Day – Center Wide Picnic Lunch
  • Make Father’s Day Cards – Preschoolers
  • Celebrate Summer – Popsicle Treat for Preschoolers
  • Animal Yoga – Preschoolers


  • Throw Hard, Throw Far
  • Catching with a Scoop
  • Up and Away
  • Jumping Rope


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